Call for Nominations: 2016 DOM Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards

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Terri Washington, Award for Administrative Excellence

2015 DOM awards: Terri Washington receives an award for administrative excellence

Each year, the Department of Medicine recognizes excellence and outstanding contributions from our faculty and staff members with awards in the following categories:

  • Clinical Care – as demonstrated by outstanding productivity, a high level of patient satisfaction, development of new programs, or other areas of excellence.
  • Research – as demonstrated by new grant funding, publication of research findings, or other areas of excellence.
  • Teaching – as demonstrated by outstanding teaching reviews, development of new curricula, or other areas of excellence.
  • Mentoring – as demonstrated by leadership in faculty development.
  • Administration – as demonstrated by managerial leadership.
  • Outstanding Staff Contribution – as demonstrated by outstanding citizenship and support of the missions of the Department of Medicine.
  • Any member of the department–faculty, staff, fellows, residents–may submit recommendations for awards.
  • All recommendations must be submitted to the appropriate division chief (i.e., the division chief for the person you are recommending).
  • Formal nominations from division chiefs must be accompanied by a brief letter of support (one page or less), with relevant supporting documents–e.g., other letters of support, teaching evaluations, publications, etc.
  • Nominations from division chiefs are reviewed by, and award decisions are made by, a panel composed of the DOM chair and vice chairs.
  • Due date for submissions from division chiefs to the Chair’s office is  May 1, 2016.
  • In each category, up to five awards are given.
  • Awards are presented at the June faculty and staff meetings.

Help us recognize outstanding contributions from members of our department by submitting nominations!
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