Recent Radio Podcasts by DOM Faculty

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Leslie Blackhall, MD
 (General, Geriatric, Palliative & Hospital Medicine):
Palliative Care: Helping a Wide Range of Patients



Robert Dreicer, MD
Prostate Health, Cancer Risk Factors and Screening



Michael K. Keng, MD
Who Can Receive a Stem Cell Transplant?


Aditya M. Sharma, MBBS
 (Cardiovascular Medicine):
Pulmonary Embolism: Surgery May Be Necessary


YoshidaCynthia - square
Cynthia M. Yoshida, MD 
(Gastroenterology & Hepatology):
When Should You Get a Colonoscopy?


MangrumM - square
Mike Mangrum, MD 
(Cardiovascular Medicine):
When Should You Consider a Pacemaker?

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