The Department of Medicine again selected by UVA medical students as the winner of the Mulholland Award.

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This award signifies that the Department of Medicine was chosen as the best teaching Department in the School of Medicine. This is the 3rd year in a row and the 7th time DoM has won this award in the last 9 years. We should be proud of this achievement and it reflects our mutual dedication to education and mentorship. We are educating the next generation of doctors and we are doing it with excellence!

Many thanks to all of you but I want to highlight the work and dedication of our education team that includes Drs. Molly Hughes, Alex Millard, Evan Heald, Brian Uthlaut, Jerry Donowitz and Brian Wispelwey. They are also supported by a world-class administrative team that includes Karen Ward and Joy Hilton. ~ Mitchell H. Rosner, MD,


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