Carey Thorner & Marshall Research & Scholar’s Day 2019

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As an electrical engineer at Kodak in 1974, Steven Sasson created a device that captured an image, converted it to an electronic signal, digitized the signal, and stored the image – the first hand-held digital camera. (*National Inventors Hall of Fame)

Steve was guest speaker for this year’s Research and Scholar’s Day, where he gave us his “Thoughts on Innovation.”

Describing the journey of his ‘small, unbudgeted project’ that resulted in much of today’s digital technology, Mr Sasson used the unanticipated success of the digital camera to demonstrate possibilities and opportunities that can be afforded us where we do not always expect them. Recognizing and then cultivating these prospects can turn innovations into reality.

He reminds us that challenging cultural norms with new innovations requires the “Three P’s” – patience, persistence and persuasion. Knowing your organization’s culture and presenting new ideas in familiar and simple terms helps introduce new concepts and creates a shared vision.

Special thanks to this year’s Research and Scholar’s Day speaker Steven Sasson for sharing with us his experience and sparking inspiration.

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Participants gather at the Education Resources Center for awards to be presented at the end of Research and Scholar's Day 2019


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