In the News… Dr. Charlton Shares About Hypothermia

February 12, 2021 by

portrait of Dr. Nathan Charlton in his white coat

Dr. Nathan Charlton

UVA Health’s Healthy Balance blog featured Dr. Nathan Charlton’s expertise on hypothermia in their February article, “Winter Weather Threat: Recognizing Signs & Symptoms of Hypothermia.”

An excerpt:

When we get cold, our body naturally starts to shiver to try to warm us up. As we continue to get colder, the body begins to slow down.

“This is when we can develop sluggishness, confusion and become uncoordinated. Eventually, your heart rate will start to slow, your blood pressure will drop, and you could lose consciousness. These signs of hypothermia should prompt us to leave that environment as soon as possible,” says Charlton.

Dr. Charlton notes that many who develop hypothermia have underlying health issues and social situations. To learn more about this and also how to prevent hypothermia, visit Healthy Balance.