Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty

Department of Emergency Medicine physicians have a rare combination of knowledge and compassion. They care about the patients from the community and those that are transferred in. They are also very involved in the education of fellows, residents and medical school students. Many of them are dual board certified or trained in multiple specialties. Our dedicated faculty are exceptional clinicians, pioneers in research and among the foremost educators in the field of Emergency Medicine.

In addition to Emergency Medicine, we have faculty members who are qualified in Medical Toxicology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Emergency Medical Services, Pediatrics, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Biomechanics, Public Health, and Psychiatry.

Drs. O'Connor, Holstege, Charlton, Thom, Moak and Sudhir

Emergency Medicine faculty at the 2018 resident graduation ceremony: Robert O’Connor, MD; Chris Holstege, MD; Nathan Charlton, MD; Chris Thom, MD; James Moak, MD; Amita Sudhir, MD