Students are strongly encouraged to share a house or apartment with other students, to keep rent affordable.  It is difficult, but not impossible, to live alone on the living expense allowance included in our Cost of Attendance Budget.

On-grounds housing is extremely limited for graduate and professional students at UVA, and so most medical students choose to live off-grounds.  Below are some resources for finding roommates and housing in Charlottesville:

housing.virginia.edu/graduate-students – On grounds UVA student housing

med.uvaoffgrounds.com – Web search for local housing, run by OffCampus Partners, LLC

www.brac.com – Local non-profit organization of rental property owners

Each medical school class has a Facebook group that can be used to find classmates to share housing, and there is also a general UVA housing group:
Class of 2024
Class of 2023
Class of 2022
UVA Housing, Sublets & Roommates

Each year, we publish the Cost of Attendance Budget and include a breakdown of the figures we use to determine the living expense portion.  These are guidelines, but if you are depending on financial aid you should consider the living expense portion of the COA Budget to be your absolute maximum for monthly spending.

Because of the annual cycle of housing in Charlottesville, incoming students often find that by the time they are looking for housing in April/May, options are limited.  The easiest option often seems to be one of the luxury apartment complexes on Main Street, as they are close to the hospital and nearly always have openings.  However, the financial aid budget is NOT designed to support luxury apartment living, which may cost $1000-$1700 per person before utilities and parking fees.  We strongly recommend that incoming students use the resources above to find more reasonable rent.  Many of our students report rent in the range of $400-$600/month.

Inova Students

Incoming Pinn College students face a more difficult housing search, as they will move to Northern Virginia in the middle of their second academic year.  The school is currently investigating options to make housing easier on these students.  In the meantime, we strongly suggest that these students include their second-year housing search in their first-year housing search.  Students may have more success in finding an 18-month lease than in finding a 6-month lease after their first year.  We also encourage these students to live together and work together to find housing – you may have more luck in finding short- or odd-term leases if you approach a landlord with a group of students ready to sign the lease for a house or apartment together.

Once in Northern Virginia, students will find that rental costs are higher than in Charlottesville, but can still be reasonable.  There are several apartment complexes that are very close to the Inova Fairfax hospital, as well as private residences for rent:

www.apartments.com – National search site that includes most nearby rentals

Amberleigh Apartments – Complex directly adjacent to Inova Fairfax hospital campus with 2- and 3-bedroom apartments between $1694-$2332