Your total financial aid from all sources, including loans, cannot exceed the annual cost of attendance budget set by the school. This means that the budgets below are maximums, not recommendations, for students whose support comes entirely from financial aid.

If you are borrowing loans, we strongly recommend that you budget to live under the COA budget so as to minimize borrowing, and accommodate any unexpected or emergency expenses. All costs may be subject to annual increase. For a rough estimate of next year’s figures, add 3%.

Estimated Costs

Financial Budgeting

Budgeting on financial aid is very different from real-world budgeting. Instead of using your income to determine what you can spend, you must add up what you will spend to determine how much income (financial aid) you will need.

Financial Budgeting

Student Housing Options & Costs

Single or Luxury Student Housing: Unless you are able to secure limited on-grounds housing, you will find it easier to share the cost of off-grounds accommodations with a roommate or roommates to stay within the recommended housing allowance included in the budget.

The living expense figure is designed to cover reasonable and comfortable living in student-dominated neighborhoods, but is not designed to cover luxury apartment buildings or amenities.

Students are strongly encouraged to share a house or apartment with other students, to keep rent affordable. It is difficult, but not impossible, to live alone on the living expense allowance included in our Cost of Attendance Budget.

Housing Options and Costs

Virginia Residency Status

Because the University of Virginia is a state-supported school, students who are legally domiciled within the Commonwealth enjoy significant privileges in tuition. Students must apply for Virginia status.

Financial Aid and Billing – SIS & UVAPay

After you apply for financial aid, you will receive an email from your counselor that details your financial aid eligibility. The email will include instructions to log in to SIS to request loans.

If your aid will cover your tuition and fees, you do not need to make any payments in UVAPay.  If your aid will not cover tuition and fees, you will need to log into UVAPay each semester and make a payment for the balance.  Even if your aid has not yet disbursed, you only need to pay the difference between tuition and your expected financial aid disubrsement.