Our Instrumentation

With state of the art instrumentation, such as 2 Cytek Aurora Spectral Cytometers, a CyTOF 2 mass cytometer Helios upgrade and the 5 laser 15 color BD Influx Cell Sorter in a Class II BSC, the facility offers up to 6-way high-speed cell sorting up to BSL2+ and complex analytical services. The facility has two additional cell sorters; a 5 laser 15 color FACSAria Fusion (also in a customized Class II BSC), and a FACSVantage SE TurboSort DIVA equipped with four lasers: 488nm, 405nm, 642nm and 592nm (642nm and 592nm collinear), both capable of 4-way high-speed cell sorting.

The facility also has a variety of other bench top analytical instruments which include:  a BD LSRFortessa with 17 fluorescent detectors, a 4 laser 14 color Attune NxT with 96 well autosampler, a 3 laser 5-color and 2 laser 4-color FACSCalibur bench top analyzers; a Cytek upgraded 4-laser 10-color FACSCalibur with 96 well autosampler; a 9-color CyAn ADP LX benchtop cytometer.

Additional capabilities include an ImageStreamX Mark II imaging flow cytometer, an AutoMACs Pro magnetic bead isolation cell separator and two Luminex MAGPIX bead-based multiplex analyzers, with complete multiplex assay services for a variety of human and mouse cytokine/chemokine and signaling panels.