Generalist Scholars Program

The primary focus of the Generalist Scholars Program (GSP) is the development of student leaders who intend to pursue a career in a field of generalist medicine through the practice of Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, or Med-Peds. Each year, a small cohort of first-year students is accepted to the GSP, a four-year mentoring and scholarship program in the UVA School of Medicine, to help grow the number of generalists physicians particularly in the underserved areas of the Commonwealth.

Group of UVA Generalist Scholars on a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


A strong sense of community exists with an array of opportunities for formal and informal mentoring amongst the GSP faculty, students, and staff.


Tim Cunningham speaking about Clowns Without Boarders

Enriched Curriculum

The program offers an enriched curriculum that parallels the medical school studies in the UVA School of Medicine.


Group photo of UVA Generalist Scholars SMD21


Students design and conduct an original and a longitudinal scholarship project on a primary care topic of their choosing.