All Mice Considered

Mouse Biology

“Mouse Genetics” by Lee M. Silver –
“The Coat Colors of Mice” by Willys K. Silvers –
“The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse” by Margaret J. Cook –
“The Origins of Inbred Mice” by Herbert C. Morse III –
Human/Mouse Homology Relationships –

Mutant Mouse Databases

International Mouse Strain Resource –
Mouse Models of Human Cancers Database –
Neuromice –
Mouse Models of Infertility –
Mouse Phenome Database –
Pathbase –
Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRC) –
European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) –
Trans-NIH Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) –
Mammalian Gene Collection –
Mouse cDNA Encyclopedia –

Mouse Vendors

The Jackson Laboratory –
Charles River Laboratories –
Envigo –
Taconic –
NCI Animal Production Program –
Harwell Mammalian Genetics Resource –

Transgenic Cores

Johns Hopkins Univ. Transgenic Core Laboratory –
U Wash. Transgenic Resources Program –
U Penn. Transgenic & Chimeric Mouse Facility –
Washington University Mouse Genetics Core –
Washington University Embryonic Stem Cell Core –
University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Model Core –
UCLA Cedars-Sinai Rodent Genetics Core –
Duke University Transgenic Mouse Facility –
Yale University Animal Genomics Services –
Stanford University Transgenic Mouse Research Facility –
University of Connecticut Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility –
UNC Chapel Hill Animal Model Core –
VCU Transgenic Mouse Core Facility –

BAC library

RP22 (129S6/SvEvTac) –
RP23 (C57BL/6J, female) –
RP24 (C57BL/6J, male) –

Conditional Gene Targeting

ROSA 26 Knock-in

Soriano Lab –
Jackson Lab ROSA26 mutant mice –

Embryo Manipulation

Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project –
The Microinjection Workshop –