HIV Primary Care Track

The HIV Primary Care Track provides a unique opportunity for residents to learn to deliver comprehensive HIV care while addressing the needs of vulnerable and stigmatized patients.  It is an immersive experience tailored for aspiring primary care physicians interested in incorporating HIV medicine into their practice or those who want to pursue an Infectious Diseases fellowship focusing on HIV care. By becoming a part of the University of Virginia Ryan White HIV Clinic team, residents are exposed to the realities of individuals facing social, economic, and healthcare disparities, and by working with the clinic team, residents can connect patients with a clinic and local resources to address these issues.

Residents manage a continuity panel of approximately 25 patients at the Ryan White HIV clinic, focusing on HIV care, primary care, sexual health, and addressing social determinants of health. The track integrates the National HIV Curriculum, comprising asynchronous modules with scheduled assessments and additional in-person educational sessions. By the end of residency, the residents have met the requirements for the American Academy of HIV Medicine HIV Specialist certification exam. Residents apply for positions during the intern year. If selected, the resident will have one continuity clinic in the Ryan White clinic during each ambulatory week of their second and third year of residency.

This HIV Primary Care Track prepares residents for a career that includes HIV medicine or is focused on HIV medicine, and it also equips them with the skills and empathy needed to address the multifaceted needs of vulnerable and stigmatized patient populations.