Recording with Panopto

1) If you haven’t already been in touch with Johanna or a member of the Med Ed Tech team, email to make sure you are set up as a “creator” in Panopto

2 ) Go to and login with NetBadge –  Click on “+Create” in the top left and the first choice should be “Panopto for Mac/Windows” (depending on what OS you using).

3) Download the Panopto Installer for Mac or Windows (64 bit unless you have a REALLY old Windows machine) – whatever you have – and then run the installer.

4) Here’s a short video about using Panopto on Mac, but it’s basically the same on Windows:

And here’s a doc with similar steps for



Our server is: (it might already have that there, or you might have to type it) and when you login it’s just like before (what you did to download), with NetBadge.

5) When you start a recording, you can set “video” in the Primary Source box to None (see below) if you don’t want the camera to capture you talking (you only want to capture your slides).  If you do want people to see you talking or to do a demo, leave the camera on.

panopto capture w/o video camera
6) Before you hit record, make sure your PowerPoint presentation is open and ready to go. Hit record in Panopto, then switch to PowerPoint. Make sure you are presenting in full screen, but not in “presenter view” as Panopto will record whatever is seen on the screen. When you are done, switch back to Panopto and hit the “stop” button. Your recording will then process and  upload to the server.

If you make a mistake we can edit it out, so you don’t have to start all over again. We usually suggest people just start the particular slide over – it often helps to have a script/outline to make sure you cover everything you want to say – and since no one can see you read it they’ll never know 😉