Technology setup for Inova faculty

(1) Activating your UVA computing ID

Detailed instructions are here – . Your computing id and activation code should have come to you via email similar to <this>. Using the computing id and activation code from the email, you can activate your computing id here –

(2) Setup of DUO for 2-factor authentication

The installation and setup of DUO is part of step #1 above; but, if you need to adjust the devices for your 2nd factor of authentication you do so on the “Duo Security” tab in the Identity Management Portal  here – Detailed instructions are here –

(3) EPA assessment requests from students – adjust your profile to ensure delivery of notifications

Most faculty will specify an email address and/or phone number capable of texting for being notified that a student has requested an EPA assessment.

How to video Coming Soon!!!

(4) Oasis

The School of Medicine uses Oasis for evaluations and managing student enrollment in courses-clerkships-rotations. Most users access Oasis via email notifications for evaluations. For more Oasis features, go to and select “Login with UVA NetBadge”.

(5) Email – ensure that email from UVA is delivered to your preferred address

Most Inova faculty have NOT been given a UVA email mailbox (<computing id>; but choose to use an existing email account for their UVA School of Medicine business. If you want to ensure that email from UVA information systems  is delivered, you can register your preferred email account (typically with the email address management system.

How to video Coming Soon!!!

Learning Management System is VMed

You can access most of the content for the M.D. curriculum in – . Most of our applications use a single sign-on system called UVA Netbadge; so,  you should only need to remember a single set of credentials – UVA computing id and password.

Microsoft Teams?

We do use Microsoft Teams to collaborate. At this time, faculty and staff from Inova will rely on guest access (typically via an email address) to access UVA’s Teams environment. Please check with the owner of the team to ensure that you have been added to the team with the correct email address/account and then access here – .

Other questions?

The School of Medicine does have a small IT department, Medical Education Technology, to assist faculty and students. The most reliable way to contact them is via email to The department is led by Mark Moody who can be reached at .