SimNewB, designed by Laerdal, has realistic newborn traits for training in the specific needs of neonates.  This simulator’s easy interface and scenario design capabilities allow instructors to control the simulator in real-time with laptop software or a handheld remote control.

Key Features

  • Accurately represents a full-term, 50th percentile newborn female, measuring 21 inches and weighing 7 lbs
  • Wide variety of patient conditions including spontaneous breathing with variable rate, breath sounds, heart sounds, blood pressure by Korotkoff sounds, and interchangeable pupils
  • Accurately designed airway for newborn airway management, including the use of positive-pressure airway devices, and placement of ET tubes and LMAs
  • Umbilicus with lifelike pulse for assessment and IV access
  • Extensive ECG library
  • Movement in all four limbs (limp, tone, spontaneous motion, and seizure)