Ai Lab develops improvement to fluorescent biosensors widely used in scientific and medical research.

October 20, 2020 by

Congratulations to Dr. Huiwang Ai and his lab, on their new red-shifted biosensor paper published in Nature Chemical Biology and  highlighted in UVA Today by Science feature writer Josh Barney.

The research paper can be found in the scientific journal Nature Chemical Biology.  Dr. Huiwang Ai and Dr. Shen Zhang are both part of UVA’s Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics, UVA’s Department of Chemistry, the Center for Membrane and Cell Physiology, and the UVA Cancer Center.

The research was supported by UVA and the National Institutes of Health, grants R01GM118675, R01GM129291, U01CA230817 and R01DK122253.

 Thank you to writer Josh Barney for highlighting this great news in UVA Today.Dr. Huiwang Ai and Dr. Shen Zhang, University of Virginia School of Medicine