CMCP Faculty Dr. P. Todd Stukenberg in the news: New Organelle That Helps Prevent Cancer Discovered Inside Our Cells

October 22, 2019 by

October 21, 2019   Written  by  Josh Barney  
Scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have discovered a strange new organelle inside our cells that helps to prevent cancer by ensuring that genetic material is sorted correctly as cells divide. …. (to read more)

Findings Published

Stukenberg and his colleagues described their latest findings in the scientific journal Nature Cell Biology. The research team consisted of Prasad Trivedi, Francesco Palomba, Ewa Niedzialkowska, Michelle A. Digman, Enrico Gratton and Stukenberg.

The research was supported by the National Institutes of Health, grants R01GM124042, R24OD023697 and P41-GM103540; and the National Science Foundation, grant MCB-1615701.