Dissertation Research and Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting Requirements

Following the Qualifying Exam, students are responsible for scheduling regular Thesis Advisory Committee meetings and must have at least one committee meeting every 6 months to remain in good academic standing. MIC students are required to send a 1-page summary of their progress to their entire committee one week before the committee meeting. Students must inform Jennifer Hamlin (ajr9xq) as soon as they schedule a committee meeting, as she needs to provide the committee with documentation.

In addition to an update by the student on their research, a formal discussion will take place during each Thesis Advisory Committee meeting to assess the student’s progress toward their research goals and acquisition of the following competencies.

  • Acquisition of problem-solving and practical skills.
  • Acquisition of a strong knowledge-base in the field of study.
  • Generation of a body of work that contributes new knowledge to the field, and which provides the foundation for the student’s first-author original research publication(s).

Students will receive a written summary after each Committee Meeting.

Additional Graduate Program Requirements

Students are required to present their research at MIC retreats. During the 4th or the beginning of the 5th year of graduate studies, each MIC student will present their research to members of the BIMS research community in an MIC departmental seminar.

Policies and procedures for monitoring of student progress are available on the BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee (BAPAC) website here.