BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee

Purpose and Responsibilities
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The BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee (BAPAC) serves as an institutional oversight committee with representation from all BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs to ensure (1) that individual programs have set up clear standards for academic progress and processes that ensure the standards are met; and (2) that individual programs have followed their processes and the institution’s conduct policies. The BAPAC approves the list of graduates put forth by the BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs for May, August and December graduations. The BAPAC also reviews and acts on all recommendations from BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs regarding students failing to remain in good standing based on grades or other academic performance and/or failing to meet professional standards or exhibiting unethical or unprofessional behaviors. The BAPAC does not establish the academic standards, which are set by each degree-granting program, or the professionalism standards, which are set by the institution.

Policies and Procedures for Individual Degree-Granting Programs
Policies for first-year students not yet affiliated with a degree-granting program