BIMS Admissions Committee

Purpose annd Responsibilities

The BIMS Admissions Committee provides the framework for an informed and integrated admissions process across multiple independent admissions clusters. It seeks to enroll a class of students who represent a broad range of diversity. Metrics considered by this committee include academic credentials such as GPA and GRE, research experience, and the personal characteristics and life experiences of applicants. The committee approves applicants recommended for interview by each respective admissions cluster and liaises across clusters to share applications suitable for multiple interviews. The BIMS Admissions Committee also coordinates recruiting efforts across admissions clusters, coordinates recruiting weekend dates, and provides input on matriculation targets and stipend levels.

Chair: Associate Dean

  • Roger Abounader (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 2)
  • Janet Cross (Diversity Recruiting)
  • Jim Casanova (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 3
  • Drew Dudley (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 2
  • Alban Gaultier (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 5)
  • Thurl Harris (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 3)
  • Joel Hockensmith (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 1)
  • Sarah Kucenas (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 5)
  • Brant Isakson (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 3)
  • Barbara Mann (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 4)
  • Bob Nakamoto (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 3)
  • Lucy Pemberton (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 4)
  • Nathan Sheffield (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 1)
  • Bettina Winckler (Co-Chair, Admissions Cluster 3)


While admissions clusters determine the admissibility of individual applicants, the BIMS Admissions Committee has final authority for all admissions policy decisions with the goal of creating a fair and consistent admissions process.

Membership selection and composition

The Admissions Committee is composed of the faculty member charged with spearheading diversity recruitment for BIMS and the two faculty co-chairs of each of the five admissions clusters for the BIMS-affiliated degree granting programs. The co-chairs are named by the chairs of the basic science departments associated with each admissions cluster and serve at the will of the chairs. The BIMS Admissions Committee chair is the associate dean for graduate and medical scientist programs by virtue of that position and has full voting rights. No member of the BIMS Admissions Committee shall have more than one vote.


The chair of the BIMS Admissions Committee will call meetings as needed.


A quorum is constituted when a simple majority (greater than 50%) of the voting committee members are present at any meeting.


The chair of the BIMS Admissions Committee records the votes at each committee meeting. The associate dean for graduate and medical scientist programs presents an annual report to the dean or the dean’s designee, program directors and department chairs The report will include information on the students who applied, were invited for interview, were interviewed, were offered admission, and matriculated to the School.