BIMS has four Committees dedicated to creating a frame work and support for the students within the BIMS graduate program.

BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee

The BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee (BAPAC) serves as an institutional oversight committee with representation from all BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs to ensure (1) that individual programs have set up clear standards for academic progress and processes that ensure the standards are met; and (2) that individual programs have followed their processes and the institution’s conduct policies.

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BIMS Admissions Committee

The BIMS Admissions Committee provides the framework for an informed and integrated admissions process across multiple independent admissions clusters. It seeks to enroll a class of students who represent a broad range of diversity. Metrics considered by this committee include academic credentials, research experience, and the personal characteristics and life experiences of applicants.

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BIMS Curriculum Committee

The BIMS Curriculum Committee will develop the academic schedule, identify the core course leadership, and work with course directors to establish class times within the BIMS master course schedule.

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BIMS Steering Committee

The BIMS Steering Committee monitors the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) graduate program and advises on matters of graduate education. The committee reviews existing policies and develops new policies regarding BIMS graduate education, including the student remediation policies of all BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs to assure the general principles of (1) fairness to students, (2) due process for students, (3) promptness of action and notification, and (4) balancing the best interests of each student with the program’s obligations to train graduates who demonstrate the highest standards of academic performance and conduct.

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