BIMS Steering Committee

Purpose and Responsibilities

The BIMS Steering Committee monitors the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) graduate program and advises on matters of graduate education. The committee reviews existing policies and develops new policies regarding BIMS graduate education, including the student remediation policies of all BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs to assure the general principles of (1) fairness to students, (2) due process for students, (3) promptness of action and notification, and (4) balancing the best interests of each student with the program’s obligations to train graduates who demonstrate the highest standards of academic performance and conduct. The BIMS Steering Committee seeks input from, and communicates key information to, affiliated departments and graduate programs. The committee recommends faculty and student appointments for membership on the BIMS Curriculum Committee. The committee evaluates and determines the status of proposed BIMS-approved mentors who may not meet department-based criteria for mentorship but who are nominated to serve as mentors by BIMS-affiliated graduate program directors or department chairs.