BIMS Curriculum Committee

Purpose and Responsibilities

The BIMS Curriculum Committee will develop the academic schedule, identify the core course leadership, and work with course directors to establish class times within the BIMS master course schedule.

Chair: Janet Cross, Assistant Dean

  • Xiaowei Lu (Cell Biology); 6/30/21
  • Swapnil Sonkusare (Physiology); 6/30/21
  • Brooke Sauder (Student Representative); 6/30/20
  • Tim Bender (Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology); 6/30/22
  • Bimal Desai (Pharmacology); 6/30/22
  • Heather Raimer (Student Representative); 6/30/21
  • Mark Beenhakker (Neuroscience Graduate Program); 6/30/20
  • Mike McConnell (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics); 6/30/20
  • Owen Pornillos (Biophysics); 6/30/20


The BIMS Curriculum Committee is advisory to the dean of the School, the associate dean for graduate and medical scientist programs, the department chairs, and the BIMS Steering Committee.

Membership selection and composition

The BIMS Curriculum Committee shall consist of six faculty members and two student members. The student members shall not be enrolled in the same degree-granting program. The BIMS Steering Committee solicits nominations for faculty voting members from department chairs and the faculty, and will recommend voting members to the dean or the dean’s designee for appointment. Faculty members are appointed for a three-year term with the possibility of one consecutive renewal. One-third of the committee turns over each year. Members are eligible to return after a three-year hiatus.

The BIMS Steering Committee solicits nominations for student voting members from the Graduate Biosciences Society leadership and will recommend voting members to the dean or the dean’s designee for appointment. Student members must have advanced to candidacy and are appointed for a two-year term.

The assistant dean for graduate research and training chairs this committee ex officio and has full voting rights.


The chair of the BIMS Curriculum Committee will call meetings as needed.


A quorum for the BIMS Curriculum Committee is constituted when a simple majority (greater than 50%) of voting members is present. Official votes may be taken only when a quorum is present and all motions shall pass by a simple majority.


Meeting minutes are posted on the public BIMS Curriculum Committee web site and sent directly to members and to the dean or the dean’s designee.