Graduate School (Years 3-6)

Program Expectations

  • Attend all BIMS or BME required events.
  • Attend all MSTP required events as outlined by the policy.
  • Successfully complete all PhD requirements as instructed by the degree granting department.
  • Register for health and dental insurance. If you choose to be on private insurance, notify the MSTP Coordinator.

For students in their final year of graduate school:

  • Consider your defense date carefully to allow ample time to complete Med 3 and Med 4 requirements. Students need to return to medical school clerkships between March and June.
  • Notify your program administrator, MSTP Coordinator, and the School of Medicine Registrar of your defense date.
  • Schedule a meeting with the School of Medicine Registrar and MSTP Coordinator to discuss transitioning back to the School of Medicine curriculum.
  • Complete the Clerkship Transition course.
  • Complete all necessary forms for the School of Medicine or School of Engineering and Applied Science (BME students) to have PhD conferred.
  • Successfully complete defense of dissertation per PhD granting department requirements.
  • Submit your final exam form, with all appropriate signatures, to the School of Medicine Registrar.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only.  The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at