Education Collaborative for Health Promotion and Wellbeing


Beginning in 2018, Hoos Well, the University’s employee wellbeing program, joined with PHS to create the Education Collaborative.

This Education Collaborative for Health Promotion and Wellbeing aligns with the Department of Public Health Sciences’ mission to “foster research and educational collaborations with clinicians, researchers, other professionals, and communities to improve health equity and overall population health and wellbeing.” 1

It also aligns closely with one of the UVA Master of Public Health Program’s goals: “To offer a variety of public health opportunities to students through applied and integrated learning that will prepare them for roles in the public health workforce.” 2 Furthermore, the Education Collaborative dovetails with the mission of Hoos Well, the University’s comprehensive employee wellbeing program: “To foster a culture of wellbeing among University of Virginia employees by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, engendering a happier, healthier and positive work environment. 3

Students are able to complete their Applied Practice Experience by working with Hoos Well on a project proposal, which can be novel or in response to a stated programmatic need. Listed below are some past and current projects from students:

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