MPH Values, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

A future where communities are empowered to promote health, to foster respect, and to advance equity in Virginia and beyond.

Mission Statement

UVA PHS students volunteer in the community garden.

UVA PHS students volunteer in the community garden. (Photo taken by Abby Sacks.)

The mission of the University of Virginia’s Master of Public Health Program is to advance the field of public health by providing an interdisciplinary, interprofessional environment that fosters the success of each student as they develop comprehensive public health knowledge, competencies, and professional values; identify and pursue individualized educational and professional goals in the breadth of public health settings and sectors; and collaborate with faculty and community partners to improve health equity and overall population health and well-being.


Program Goals

  • To create an interdisciplinary, interprofessional environment with students and faculty members of diverse backgrounds, interests, and expertise.
  • To create an environment in which students are supported as they attain the knowledge, competencies, and values of public health.
  •  To foster the identification and realization of individual student’s unique personal and professional goals.
  • To offer a variety of public health opportunities to students through applied and integrated learning that will prepare them for roles in the public health workforce.
  • To work continually to improve the health of populations by providing service and consultation to public health agencies and organizations at the local, state, national and international level.
  • To provide an academic environment in which faculty and students advance the fields of public health research and practice.
  • To establish and maintain thorough systematic program evaluation and development.
  • To engage students in developing an understanding of public health professionalism (as outlined in the department’s concept statement).

Program Values

Commitment to Professionalism

As a Program committed to Leadership and Collaboration in Education and Research, we strive to foster and model behavior among faculty, staff and students that demonstrates Respect, Responsibility, Self-Regulation, Self-Awareness, Humility, Integrity and Appropriateness.  Professionalism should be individualized, applicable to the practice setting, and based on a critical examination of professionalism in Public Health Practice.