MPH Values, Mission and Goals


Mission Statement:

The mission of the University of Virginia’s Master of Public Health Program is to provide an interdisciplinary academic environment where students develop comprehensive public health knowledge, skills, and professional values; where students identify and pursue individualized educational and professional goals in research and practice; and where faculty and students collaborate with community partners on public health research and serve the community through public health interventions.


Program Goals:

To create an interdisciplinary, academic setting where students explore a wide range of perspectives on public health and work with faculty members with diverse interests, expertise, and professional backgrounds.

To provide students with a rigorous public health education and ensure that they attain knowledge and competencies in the core disciplines of public health.

To foster the identification and realization of individual public health competencies related to each student’s unique personal and professional goals.

To offer a variety of public health opportunities to students through coursework in their specialty track, field placements, and culminating experiences that will prepare them for roles in the public health workforce.

To work continually to improve the health of populations by providing service and consultation to public health agencies and organizations at the local, state, national and international level.

To provide an academic environment that encourages and enables faculty, students and collaborating public health organizations to conduct research at the forefront of the dynamic fields of public health science and practice.

To establish and maintain thorough systematic program evaluation and development.


Program Values:

Value 1: Excellence in Instruction, Research, and Service

Develop and realize a public health education program that offers instruction of the highest quality, emphasizing learning, research, and practical application of knowledge. Offer a program that directly benefits students, the University, and the local community, and promotes national and international public health.

Value 2:  Health Equity through Community Collaboration and Advocacy

Promote the highest level of health for all people and the belief in health as a public good and fundamental right.  Focus on community-centered collaborations targeting avoidable inequalities and disparities, especially for those who have experienced injustices. Generate and disseminate information to increase awareness and empower communities.

Value 3: Cultural Humility

Promote and celebrate diversity as a strength and an enrichment of the learning environment, and as a central tenet which informs community and professional engagement by students, faculty, and staff of the Program.  Empower students and faculty with the necessary skill sets designed to explore the existence of differences.  Appreciate the influence of bias, assumptions, and expectations in public health research and service.

Value 4: Professional Integrity and Stewardship

Emphasize the importance of integrity and stewardship exemplified by responsible resource management.  Aid professionals in making decisions based on ethical and respectful promotion of public health. Promote the highest standards of accountability, transparency and respectful practices in the tradition of the institutional setting of UVa to foster an environment of trust and integrity.  Please click here for information regarding the UVa honor system.

Value 5: Teamwork, Collaboration, and Cooperation

Encourage the tenets of collaborative work ethics found within the public health fields. Stress the value of mutual support, networking, and consensus building, and the importance of active, meaningful and sustained participatory approaches to enhance instruction, research, and service.

Value 6: Continuous Quality Improvement

Ensure that Program objectives are meaningful to the practice of public health and capable of being evaluated by qualitative or quantitative measurement to facilitate continuous Program analyses and improvement.