MD/MS-CR Program

The Department of Public Health Sciences and the School of Medicine are proud to offer a dual degree program to medical students at the University of Virginia. This program allows medical students to earn two degrees–the MD and the MS in Clinical Research –in five years.

A typical procedure for completing the dual degree program is listed below:

Year 1:   Interested students enrolled in the School of Medicine send an Intent to Enroll form to the Department of Public Health Sciences (these forms are available from the PHS Program Coordinator).

Students then complete the first three years of medical school.

During Year 3:   Students submit formal applications to PHS MS-CR Program, including all required supporting documents.  Contact the PHS Education Office for further details.

Year 4: 
 Students temporarily leave the School of Medicine and enroll in
MS-CR Program. Students complete the requirements of the PHS program and earn the MS degree.

Year 5, or after earning the MS degree:   Students return to the School of
Medicine to complete their fourth year of medical school and earn their MD degree.