PHS Education Committees

Public Health Sciences (PHS) Education Steering Committee

The PHS Education Steering Committee reviews existing policies and develops new policies regarding PHS graduate education in public health, and in population health and clinical research, including academic and student policies, class sizes, enrollment policies, and final projects. The PHS Education Steering Committee advises the directors of the MPH, MS-CR, and other programs on particular student issues, for example, course performance and special student requests. The PHS Education Steering Committee seeks input from, and communicates key information to, faculty and students. The PHS Education Steering Committee recommends faculty and student appointments for membership on the PHS Curriculum Committee, Admissions Committee, and other committees. It provides strategic planning, in alignment with developments in public health practice, and in population health and clinical research.  It explores potential interdisciplinary and interprofessional education and research with other schools and departments in the University, as well as with professionals and partners in the community.

PHS Academic Promotion and Achievement Committee

The PHS Academic Promotion and Achievement Committee (APAC) is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that each student in the department’s graduate programs masters the educational program objectives and meets the program requirements. These objectives include assuring that each student demonstrates the required level of academic accomplishment and the required level of professionalism in order to be promoted and to graduate. The APAC oversees, monitors and enforces the educational requirements established by the PHS Curriculum Committee and ensures that the PHS graduate programs have established and follow clear standards for academic progress.

PHS Admissions Committee

The PHS Admissions Committee provides the framework for an informed, inclusive, and integrated admissions process.  Metrics considered by this committee include academic credentials such as GPA and GRE, experience, recommendations, and personal statements.

PHS Curriculum Committee

The PHS Curriculum Committee has the responsibility to monitor and set educational objectives, establish educational requirements, review and approve courses, ensure the integration, coordination and coherence of program courses and teaching methods, allocate curriculum time, and evaluate educational outcomes.

MPH Steering Committee

This Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all aspects of the Program, including short- and long-range plans for student enrollment, faculty capacity, and curriculum, in accordance with (a) CEPH accreditation criteria, (b) the Program’s values, mission and goals, and (c) stakeholder feedback, including from faculty and students.  The MPH Steering Committee also serves as the entity responsible for reviewing and making recommendations based on the MPH Program evaluation report and for providing accreditation and Self-Study leadership.  The MPH Program Director serves as Committee Chair (or can appoint a chair) and appoints committee members.

This committee:

  • Provides overall planning and administration for the Program, including making recommendations for additional faculty or staff to the MPH Program Director.
  • Provides direction to, monitors, and reviews Program evaluation, including data collection and analyses prepared by the MPH Director of Evaluation and Engagement.
  • Makes proposals to the MPH Curriculum Committee for changes to the Program such as new course recommendations and academic policies related to Applied Practice experiences, faculty and student service, and Integrative Learning experiences.
  • Monitors and addresses student issues regarding admission and academic progress.
  • Monitors and provides guidance on external program relationships, such as with the MPH Community Advisors, applied practice preceptors, and other community organizations and leaders.
  • Provides guidance to the MPH Program Director and Director of Student Affairs and Advising for addressing special student circumstances, such as student performance issues, program progress, and other questions regarding student affairs.
  • Provides guidance to the MPH Director on opportunities to work with other schools and departments in the University to enrich public health research and teaching in the MPH Program.

MPH Admissions Committee

This Committee reports directly to the MPH Program Director on all aspects of admission for the MPH Program.  The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the MPH Program Director regarding all policies and procedures that pertain to MPH student recruitment and admissions.  This Committee meets at least once each semester and as often as necessary to review applications from December through April.

This committee:

  • Reviews MPH applications.
  • Makes admission decisions.
  • Conducts recruitment activities, such as meeting with interested students, attending recruitment fairs in undergraduate programs, and placing Program advertisements.

MPH Curriculum Committee

This Committee reports directly to the MPH Director and has responsibility for developing and implementing the curriculum and academic program for the MPH Program. The Committee has responsibility for guiding the MPH Program of study and ensuring it meets the changing needs of the public health workforce.  The Committee is comprised of all MPH teaching faculty and at least two students. This Committee meets at least once each semester (generally September, January and May), and more often as needed.

This committee:

  • Provides guidance for, reviews, and approves new courses and other substantive Program changes recommended by the MPH Steering Committee and/or MPH Program Director.
  • Provides creative ideas about new courses and potential Applied Practice experiences, based on faculty experience and involvement in specialized areas of public health.
  • Explores advances in teaching methods, providing in-service opportunities and a forum for faculty led discussions on teaching methods.

MPH Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee, which includes all MPH students, has regularly scheduled meetings twice a month to allow for:  informal social gatherings among students; discussion with MPH Program faculty and staff about Program information, including input on evaluation reports and accreditation updates; and planning sessions for student service opportunities and social activities.