New and International Student Information

Computer Requirements

Students are REQUIRED to have a Windows computer with a quad-core Intel processor, 256 GB storage, and 8 GB RAM or better, built within the last 3 years. If you do not have this type of Windows computer, you will not be able to successfully complete our classes.

In cases of financial hardship, students can contact Student Financial Services to discuss options for funding additional costs related to technology. Please visit the Student Financial Services site for more information. For more information please contact the MPH Admissions Office.

Activate UVA Email Account & Systems Access

Establish your electronic identity at the University by following the procedure for new students provided by Information Technology Services.  Completing this procedure will enable you to receive important communications sent to your UVa e-mail account, register for courses through the Student Information System (SIS), utilize public computers on Grounds, and view course syllabi and assignments via UVA Canvas.

Submit ID Card

PHS students enjoy fall weather on UVA Grounds. (Photo taken by Abby Sacks.)

PHS students enjoy fall weather on UVA Grounds. (Photo taken by Abby Sacks.)

Students in the School of Medicine Public Health Program who need access to medical facilities are provided a UVA Health System ID Badge by the UVA Health System Technical Services.  (An Academic ID card isn’t necessary if a Hospital ID badge is issued.)   Time will be set aside during Orientation to obtain the Health System ID Badge.

All ID cards are the property of the University of Virginia and are provided for appropriate use for identification and access to services. The ID card is not transferable and is valid as long as the holder continues his/her specific affiliation with the University of Virginia. Any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the ID card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the University.

Please remember to bring your original valid government issued photo identification to obtain your University ID card.  (Either your U.S. Driver’s License issued by DMV, U.S. Identification Card issued by DMV, U.S. Permanent Resident/U.S. Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Green Card, Passport book or U.S. Military ID Card. Note: Driver’s License’s stamped “void” and Passport “cards” are unable to be accepted per Homeland Security.)  Information on obtaining the U.S. Driver’s License or U.S. Photo Identification card from DMV.  Important: The name on your government issued photo identification must match the name in the University’s database exactly.

Complete Pre-Entrance Health Record

Complete a pre-entrance health record.  Information about enrolling in or waiving health coverage through the University is available through the Elson Student Health Center.  This form is typically updated online by May 1 each year. Please be sure to complete and submit the form for the academic year in which you will first enroll.

Submit Official Transcript

If you have not already submitted an official transcript showing undergraduate degree conferred on, please arrange for your undergraduate institution to send an official transcript to the Public Health Sciences Education office by July 1 (Fall Incoming Students). This transcript must indicate final grades for all courses, the degree you were awarded, and the date on which your degree was conferred. If your undergraduate degree has not yet been conferred, please do not request an official transcript until that information is available. If your institution offers electronic and encrypted transcripts, you may have those sent to

Public Health Sciences Education Office
PO Box 800717
Charlottesville, VA 22908

Records issued in languages other than English, including academic transcripts, degree certificates and graduation certificates, must be issued to Public Health Sciences directly by the degree-granting institution in their original language and with an accompanying translation. Translated materials are also accepted directly from organizations such as Educational Credentials EvaluatorsInternational Academic Credential EvaluatorsJosef Silny and AssociatesWorld Education Services or another ATA-certified translation service.

After this deadline, an incoming student without the required documentation will be placed on a registration block for the fall term.

Submit Official Test Scores (GRE'S NOT REQUIRED FOR FALL 2024)

GRE and TOEFL scores are sent electronically to SOPHAS by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). If you have not done so previously, please have ETS send your official scores to SOPHAS prior to  July 1.
International students – if you chose to take the IELTS exam, please note that we only accept electronic scores sent directly to the University of Virginia from the IELTS testing center. No institution or department code required.

After this deadline, an incoming student without the required documentation will be placed on a registration block for the fall term.

Establish Direct Deposit

Establish a direct deposit account in order to receive fellowship stipend payments, wages and refunds from Student Account.  It is best to set up such an account before arriving in Charlottesville to ensure timely receipt of payments.

Attend Orientation

Students will receive an invitation via e-mail with details regarding these events.

I-20 Request Packet

International students only – Complete an I-20 Request Packet (Financial Guarantee Form – Graduate) and send it directly to the Public Health Sciences Education Office.  This document is required whether or not you need visa documents or a SEVIS transfer at this time.  You must send the completed packet to

Health Insurance

International students only – Review the terms of the hard waiver program through which international students are required to demonstrate suitable levels of health insurance coverage.

English Language Proficiency

International students only – Take the required University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam, which is scheduled at the beginning of each semester through the Center for American English Language and Culture.