MS-CR Curriculum

The MS-CR degree supports the development of clinical investigation and patient-oriented research in academic medicine.  Students are encouraged to use the MS program to identify areas of clinical research and to utilize supervised research opportunities within the curriculum to develop research projects.

Fall Semester   14-15 credit hours

PHS 7000Introduction to Biostatistics(3)
PHS 7010Fundamentals of Epidemiologu (3)
PHS 7170SAS & Data Mngt in Pop Hlth (2)
PHS 8950*Supervised Clinical Research (1)
PHSElective (3)
PHSElective (3)

Spring Semester  16-17 credit hours

PHS 7001Introduction to Biostatistics II (3)
PHS 7011Theory & Quant Epidemiology (3)
PHS 7120Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes (3)
PHS 7840Human Subject Research (1)
PHS 8950*Supervised Clinical Research (3)
PHSElective (3)

Students complete a minimum 31 credit curriculum including core courses, core electives, and specialized concentration specific coursework.

*PHS 8950 should be taken the semester that a student plans to graduate.  This must result in a draft of a publishable paper, grant proposal or poster presentation. The research must be presented to a PHS Committee.

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