Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center




Tomo Therapy Unit

The University of Virginia Radiation Oncology Department is located in the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center (ECCCC, April 2011) on the Ground Floor. The department is spacious, comfortable, and offers the latest in research, innovative clinical trials, and cutting-edge technologies for the treatment of patients.




True Beam Linear Accelerator

True Beam Linear Accelerator

The Radiation Oncology Department at ECCCC consists of:

7 patient exam rooms
2 patient consultation rooms
1 patient education room
1 ViewRay MR Linac unit
1 Helical Direct (HD) TomoTherapy unit
1 Varian True Beam Linear Accelerator
1 Phillips Brilliance Big Bore CT Simulator


Siemens CT Sim on Rails

Siemens CT Sim on Rails

Dosimetry Planning Systems include; Pinnacle, Eclipse, and TomoTherapy.
2 Brachytherapy treatment rooms (1 room being equipped with a Siemens CT Sim on rails).

To make an appointment please call: 434-924-9333 or 1-800-695-0868.

Questions regarding the ViewRay MR Linac please contact

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