UVA Radiology Resident International Education Program

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Until recently, Radiology has played only a small role in terms of outreach and aid to communities and institutions in the developing global health arena which lack the resources and training to make diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapy a feasible and readily available option to their patients.

The Spencer B. Gay Radiology Resident International Education Program seeks to change that. Based on the Global Health Leadership Track of the UVA Center for Global Health, this Radiology track is designed for second to fourth year diagnostic radiology residents interested in global health initiatives and the impact and applications of diagnostic imaging and image-guided interventions in international institutions and communities with limited resources.

This year’s participating residents are Dr. Ally Baheti, MD and Dr. Connor Louden, MD.

Dr. Aparna (Ally) Baheti completed her undergraduate work and medical school training at the University of Virginia, followed by an internship in Internal Medicine at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital.

Dr. Louden completed his undergraduate work at Princeton University and his medical school and transitional internship training at the West Virginia University School of Medicine.

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