Past SRIP Distinguished Lecturers

Dr. Jacqueline Barrientos
Dept. of Internal Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
Career Opportunities After SRIP

Dr. George Bonney
Chairman, Dept. of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, The Fox Chase Cancer Center
Breast Cancer Among African Americans

Dr. Ed Botchway
Asst. Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia
Regulation of Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Signaling for Therapeutic Neovascularization and Tissue Engineering

Dr. Milton Brown
Asst. Professor of Chemistry, University of Virginia
Strategies in Novel Drug Discovery

Mr. William Brown-Orleans
Education & Culture Officer, Embassy of Ghana
The Five R’s of the Ghanaian Cultural Education

Dr. Oluma Bushen
University of Virginia

Dean Haile T. Debas
University of California San Francisco

Dr. Brian Duling
Prof. of Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics, University of Virginia
Regulation of Blood Flow

Dr. Tina Garza
Assoc. Professor of Biological Sciences, UTEP
The Making of a Chicana Immunologist

Dr. Dave Gordon
The Growth of Human Atherosclerosis

Dr. Joanna Goldberg
Professor of Microbiology, University of Virginia
Novel Vaccine Approach for Infectious Disease

Dr. John Herr
University of Virginia
Can We Engineer Around Pulmonary Embolism and other Side-Effects of The Pill?

Dr. James Hildreth
Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology & Molecular Science, Assoc. Dean
for Graduate Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Alfred Johnson
Director, NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
Gene Regulation in Cancer Cells: The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Story

Gwen Jones, PhD
Assoc. Prof., Department of Pharmacology
The Role of Lipids in Cancer

Dr. Christopher M. Kramer
University of Virginia
Cardiovascular MRI: From Mice to Man

Adel Mahmoud, MD/PhD
President, Merck Vaccines
The Global Reach of Vaccines

Dr. Judy Anne Mikovits
Research Director, Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, Reno, NV
Diverse Focus in Medical/Science Careers

Dr. Jonathan Moreno
Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics, University of Virginia

Dr. Martin Straume
Dept. of Internal Medicine, Associate Director of Center for Biomathematical Technology
Biomathematics: It’s Emerging Role in Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice

Dr. Ronald Taylor
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics
Clearance of Pathogens

Dr. Samuel Waters
Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri
Gbx Transcription Factors in Neural Development

Dr. Munsey S. Wheby
Senior Associate Dean, Andrew P. Hart Professor of Internal Medicine

Moses Kwamena Woode, PhD, D.I.C.P., FAIC
University of Virginia School of Medicine, Deans Office
Structure Function Relationship of Biologically Active Molecules