Summer Diabetes Research Internship 2022

Objectives and Goals

The objectives of the program are to train the next generation of scientists and engineers to build an interdisciplinary research pipeline in the field of diabetes research and treatment through participating in challenging diabetes- related projects supervised by research mentors from UVA. It includes seminar- based lectures, individual student-tailored research projects, and clinical immersion. Specific emphasis is given to students from traditionally underrepresented racial, gender, and ethnic groups in the STEM and biomedical research fields.

Types of Research Projects

The research projects that students can be involved in include islet transplantation, islet physiology, tissue engineering, beta- cell proliferation, microfluidic and nanotechnology technology, biological imaging, microencapsulation, and many other topics. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn biosafety basics, common laboratory skills, animal modeling, biostatistics, literature review and participate in career development and patient-based clinical observation.

What the past interns say


This was one of the most unique summer experiences I’ve ever had. Over the course of just 10 weeks, I was able to grow so much intellectually. The internship was eye-opening, challenging, and productive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is passionate about diabetes research and/or medicine and who wants to help create a future where diabetes can be cured.


This program provided me the invaluable experience of working in a research lab.  It has allowed me to broaden my understanding of the scientific method and how it directly applies to research. I had such a great experience and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested!

Participant Selection and Eligibility

Participants must be at least eighteen years old and a U.S. citizen/permanent resident. Each participant will receive a $3,000 stipend. Participants cannot receive funding from other sources and must have health insurance during the internship.

Ideal applicants for the summer training program will have:

  • A strong background and interest in biological, bioengineering, and clinical research
  • Good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Strong interest in pursuing either graduate or professional study in the field of diabetes research and treatment

Please submit your application by the Feb. 15, 2022 deadline.

In addition, applications are strongly encouraged from:

  • Members of racial, ethnic or gender groups underrepresented in STEM and biomedical research (African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and female)
  • Families meeting criteria for low socioeconomic status
  • 1st through 3rd year University of Virginia students

In partnership with other UVA departments, programs, and student groups, the program information will be disseminated throughout the University. Recruitment and publicity will begin in September. Notification of application decision will soon follow the February application deadline. Questions, contact:  Yong Wang, MD at

How to Apply

Click Apply Now below and use the interactive form to apply to the Summer Diabetes Research Internship 2022 by the February 15, 2022 deadline.