Myles H. Thaler's Legacy

Myles Thaler

The AIDS and Human Retrovirus Research Center at the University of Virginia was created by generous gifts from an anonymous donor in the honor of the late Myles H. Thaler.

Mr. Thaler was a distinguished alumnus of the University of Virginia in the landscape architecture program. From 1979 to 1991, he was administrator of the residence and grounds of the Vice President’s home in Washington, D.C. Four Vice Presidents and their families occupied the home during his tenure.

Before his death in 1992, Mr. Thaler created a meditation garden at the University Hospital and endowed a lectureship in the School of Architecture, both bearing his name. An anonymous donor also endowed the Myles H. Thaler Professorship in Medical Science, which is held by the director of the Myles H. Thaler Center for AIDS and Retrovirus Research.

Pictures of the Myles Thaler Garden