Our primary purpose is to educate and train physicians to help people achieve healthy productive lives and advance knowledge in the medical sciences. If you would like to contact us or reach a specific staff member please look at the departments below to view the contact information of the individual.

Our Team

Megan J. Bray, MD, Associate Dean for Curriculum, Associate Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology

Elizabeth B. Bradley, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Curriculum Evaluation

James R. Martindale, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Test Development

Weichao (Vera) Chen, PhD, Instructional Designer

Elizabeth Hale Graham, Director of Instructional Support

Instructional Support

Daisy Hutcherson, Instructional Support Manager

Melanie N. Tomlin, Instructional Support Coordinator

W. Aniseh Burtner, Instructional Support Coordinator

Elena McIntosh, MEd, Instructional Support Coordinator

Rebecca Leatherwood, Instructional Support Coordinator


Clinical Performance Development (CPD)

Family Medicine (FM) and Ambulatory Internal Medicine (AIM) Clerkships

Short Courses

  • Cathy Bowers, Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Medical Education

Clinical Skills Center

Simulation Center

Social Issues in Medicine


NxGen Curriculum Courses


Foundations of Medicine (FoM):

Cells, Tissues, and Mechanisms of Disease (CTMD):

Microbes and the Immune System (MIS):

Muscoskeletal and Integument (MSI):

Gastrointestinal System (GI):

Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB):

Cardiovascular System:

Pulmonary System:

Renal System:

Endocrine and Reproductive System:


Social Issues in Medicine (SIM):

Generalist Scholars Program (GSP):

Family Medicine Clerkship:

Ambulatory Internal Medicine Clerkship: