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Urology at UVA stands for excellence in urologic care of patients, teaching and research. These fundamental pillars of excellence are achieved by providing the community with the resources to achieve their potential. Each resident performs surgical procedures and receives extensive teaching in ultrasound, urodynamics and other state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.


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Four days. Sixteen representatives of UVA Urology. Twenty-eight different opportunities to hear the latest and greatest from our department, in podium sessions, moderated posters, instructional courses, and more. (Want to make sure you don't miss us? Check out our brochure.)

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Grab Your Calendars: This Year's Vest Lecture is April 26, 2024!

Dr. Mohit Khera of the Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) will join us for the annual Vest Memorial Lecture on April 26, 2024.

Dr. Khera will speak on men's health issues, including testosterone replacement therapy, diagnosing and managing erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie's disease. Join us in person in the Education Resource Center (rooms A and B) or virtually for an unmissable experience.

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UVA Urology Residency Program

The Department of Urology offers a five-year Residency Training Program with two residents being accepted each year. The ten residents participate with the full-time faculty in the daily instruction of our medical students. Residents will perform all surgical procedures and receive extensive teaching in ultrasound, urodynamics, and other state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.

Fertility experts hallway

Fertilization Discovery Reveals New Role for the Egg

An unexpected discovery about fertilization from the University of Virginia School of Medicine reveals new insights on how sperm and egg fuse and could have major implications for couples battling infertility – and may lead to a future male contraceptive. “The infertility experts here at UVA are very excited about this,” UVA Urology PhD Jeffrey J. Lysiak said. “This tells us a lot about fundamental biology, but we think it could also have important clinical applications.”

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Kenneth Sands, DO

Welcome Dr. Sands!

The Department of Urology is pleased to announce our newest faculty member, Kenneth G. Sands, DO! Dr. Sands will be joining our Endourology and Minimally Invasive Urology division of the department and will be seeing patients at our Urology Clinic on Fontaine. Welcome Dr. Sands!

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UVA Hospital

New Clinical Trial for Erectile Dysfunction

It is estimated that about 1 in 10 men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Ryan Smith, MD, UVA urologist, is leading a clinical trial to test low-intensity shockwave therapy as a potential treatment for ED.

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