Class Descriptions

VCDPE offers four tele-education classes led by Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists from the Diabetes Education & Management Program.

The Basics of Diabetes

The topics covered in this class include definition, diagnosis, and types of diabetes; target glucose goals; diabetes complications; discussion of oral and medications; foot care; and treatment of hypoglycemia.  Also, there is an interactive physical activity segment.

Nutrition Basics

This class provides information to plan meals that will improve their blood glucose control. Topics include nutrient effects on blood glucose, healthy food choices, basic carb counting, reading food labels, & recommendations for fats, fiber, and healthy snack choices.

Diabetes Self-Management Skills

Part of this class focuses on blood glucose control, including use of case studies to understand and interpret daily glucose patterns. Insulin therapy and blood glucose monitoring technologies are discussed.  Additionally, the class focuses on sick day guidelines and stress management techniques with a deep breathing activity.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle Changes

This class focuses on the “how to” aspects of changing what you eat. Topics include strategies for making better food choices, portion control, healthy shopping, & avoiding common eating traps.  The class concludes with SMART goal setting.

If you would like to see an example of a tele-education class, recordings of previous sessions are available.  Please contact Lorrie Rilko for more information and to discuss how the recordings might be used for patient education.