About UVA School of Medicine

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The UVA School of Medicine is a nurturing, close-knit community. Each student is assigned to one of four colleges in the school, led by a college dean. The college dean is your advocate in every situation – academic progress, career counseling, personal concerns and more – and is with you from the moment you arrive. The deans will don your white coat, support you along the way, and hood you at graduation.

Academical Village

Our patient centered, learner-focused and integrated curriculum facilitates the Academical Village, where students and faculty live and learn from one another. This forward thinking approach comes to life in the UVA Claude Moore Education Building, featuring the latest innovations and groundbreaking educational technology which can accommodate a variety of learning styles.

Statistics Overview

Each year, 156 new students – out of nearly 5,000 applicants – enroll at the UVA School of Medicine. Learn more about the applicants and the make-up of the Class of 2024.

Integrated Curriculum

Our innovative, engaging “Next Generation” Cells to Society (or simply, “NxGen”) curriculum, integrates medical science and practice. This comprehensive approach teaches foundational science in the context of how it is used by physicians in clinical practice.

We provide many opportunities for team-collaboration and individual-learning, student-faculty interaction, clinical-skills education, clinical problem-solving, hands-on laboratory work, hospital and community-based patient care, as parts of the personalized learning experiences.

NxGen v 2.0 adds a unique program of teaching, assessment, and feedback in real time as students perform basic patient-care tasks (Entrustable Professional Activities). NxGen prepares students to provide excellent patient-centered care, practice evidence-based medicine, and engage in lifelong learning.

Clinical & Research Opportunities

Clinically, we care for our patients within a number of locations both in and around the University, including our main hospital, the Family Medicine Clinic, Charlottesville Free Clinic and at various locations throughout the state with the Remote Area Medicine program.

In addition, our Remote Area Medical experience affords continuity of care and outreach website for telemedicine.

Learning Facilities

The UVA School of Medicine’s learning facilities combine elements of the University’s distinguished history with the latest advanced medical technologies and innovations to match our leading-edge curriculum.

Our facilities are equipped with ample spaces for instruction, studying, and hanging out. With locations in Charlottesville and Northern Virginia, UVA School of Medicine provides students with unique experiences working with faculty and patients in two distinct locations.

Student Experiences & Life at UVA School of Medicine

One Campus. Two Locations. A unique aspect of education at the UVA School of Medicine is the opportunity to experience two distinct learning environments in both Charlottesville VA, and at Inova, Northern Virginia. Both locations offer the opportunity to serve diverse communities which enrich education experiences.

Home to the University of Virginia main campus, the City of Charlottesville is approximately 100 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., and 70 miles northwest of Richmond. Charlottesville serves as the economic, cultural, and educational center of a multi-county region in Central Virginia. During this time, you can also enjoy the area’s many local activities; easy access to nature for outdoor activities, local wineries and breweries, as well many arts resources, and great restaurants.

Inova in Northern Virginia, Washington metro area provides opportunities for 72 students (36 per class) to complete their 3rd and 4th years exposed to the practice of medicine in a high-volume, urban environment, close to the area’s many museums, historical landmarks, art galleries, multi-cultural dining, professional sports venues, entertainment and shopping.


The UVA School of Medicine has a long history of serving diverse communities. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion help drive our mission of excellence in patient care, biomedical research, and training medical professionals.

For students, faculty, staff, and patients alike, we strive to foster a sense of community that embraces our differences and similarities in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more.