UVA Medicine offers the following programs:

Other Programs:

The University of Virginia Center for Biomedical Ethics & Humanities also offers a variety of opportunities, including the Hook Scholars Program in Humanities and Ethics an intensive program offered to four 1st year medical school students. For more information on this program and other programs in the Center, please visit the Center for Humanities and Biomedical Ethics.

In addition, students may take course work or obtain a Master’s or higher degree through the University of Virginia’s many other schools.

The curriculum is designed to encourage students to pursue their interests through formal course work or through a multitude of activities. Students are given 3-4 afternoons off a week during the 18 month pre-clerkship period and have extensive time to take course work in the latter half of their third and all of their 4th year. Students are allowed to have 6 years to complete their MD degree; many of the dual programs are 5 year programs, so that the student takes an additional year to complete the degree, between the pre-clerkship and post-clerkship period.