Alex Bredenkamp, MD

University of Virginia Alexander Bredenkamp , MD, Anesthesiology Resident

Alexander Bredenkamp, M.D., Georgetown University

Hometown: Washington DC

Undergraduate School: University of Michigan

Medical School: Georgetown University

Hobbies/Outside Interests: Climbing, The Office, Hiking, Breweries/wineries

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville: Asado’s for weekly Wing Wednesday, Dürty Nelly’s karaoke, floating (tubing) on the river, meeting all of the friendly, laidback people in Charlottesville

Why did you choose UVA? I felt that UVA had a very friendly, inviting culture conducive to both clinical training and enjoying time outside the hospital with co-residents. UVA also has a very well-rounded surgical caseload, leading to broad breadth of experience.

Anesthesiology Interests: 

Favorite Rotation: