Leigh Anne Kline, MD

University of Virginia Leigh Anne Kline, MD, Anesthesiology Resident

Leigh Anne Kline, M.D., Wake Forest University

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Undergraduate School: Vanderbilt University

Medical School: Wake Forest University

Hobbies/Outside Interests: Hiking, camping, skiing, home improvement projects

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville: Exploring vineyards and breweries, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, river floating, Fridays after Five concerts downtown

Why did you choose UVA? I wanted to join a great training program where co-residents feel like family and have fun together along the way. The Cville area is also incredibly beautiful, with lots of outdoor activities and fun things to do around town!

Anesthesiology Interests:

Favorite Rotation: