Clinical Research

University of Virginia Bhiken I. Naik MBBCh, MSCR, Vice Chair of Clinical Research

Bhiken I. Naik MBBCh, MSCR
Vice Chair of Clinical Research

Welcome to Clinical Research in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Virginia led by the Vice Chair Dr. Bhiken Naik, MBBCh, MSCR. Our work is a collaboration between physicians, clinical research coordinators, statisticians, bioinformaticist and data scientists. Our Clinical research spans both prospective clinical studies and retrospective, observational research.

We work across multiple disciplines and specialties to improve patient safety and identify quality improvement opportunities. We create and define objective metrics to evaluate  physician performance, and provide opportunities for cost effective and reproducible research.

Furthermore, the Division provides data support to administrative systems within the department and the institution. This includes a generation of reports on clinical practice and outcomes, dashboard maintenance at the departmental and institutional levels, and evaluation and benchmarking of educational activities (e.g. case listings for residents) and clinical workload (e.g. call distribution).


Research Projects and Forms

Research is supported by our data-science group, which includes a staff PhD biostatistician, a data engineer and a data scientist. In addition, we have a well resourced clinical research support team, led by Dr. Ikeda Keita, PhD. For research projects, data requests and forms, please see the ‘Research Instructions and Forms’ section below.

Medical Students Residents & Fellows

We welcome medical students, residents, and fellows who are interested in participating in research activities within our department. Please read more about ‘How to Get Involved’ below.


Research Instructions and Forms