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Roza Przanowska’s GBS Poster Prize

Roza Przanowska won the 1st place poster prize at the 27th annual Graduate Biosciences Society Symposium held March 15, 2019. Roza is a graduate student in the lab of Dr.…

2019’s Michael J. Peach Award Winner: Michael Schappe

Michael Schappe from the department of Pharmacology recived the Michael J. Peach Award for his research in the Characterization of the Chanzyme TRPM7 in Macrophages.

2019’s Jill E. Hungerford Prize Winner: Greg Medlock

Congratulations Greg Medlock, the Jill E. Hungerford Prize winner for 2019!  Jill Hungerford earned her doctorate in physiology in 1995 from UVA and was a gifted young scientist whose life…

Roza Przanowska’s 3MT Prize

Roza Przanowska won the 3rd place prize at the 7th annual Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) held April 10, 2019. Roza is a graduate student in the lab of Dr.…

Michael J. Peach Past Award Winners

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Past Jill E. Hungerford Award Winners

About the Hungerford Award

Kelly Drews and Camille Lewis

Kelly Drews (Kester lab) and Camille Lewis (Vande Pol lab) were awarded fellowships to attend the “Workshop on Biophysical Methods to Study Bimolecular Interactions” at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The…