Sample Submission & Data Retrieval – Mass Spectrometry

Use iLab to enter requests for services.

  • See guidelines on sample preparation
  • If this is a first time experiment, contact the lab about what data you need, the capabilities of the technique and sample requirements
  • In iLab there is a link to an Excel file for loading sample data. A note on the purpose of the data is often helfpul and also complete information on the composition and amount of the current solvent
  • Frequent users of MALDI may find it worthwhile to use the Open Access program and run samples themselves (users need to bring their own sample plate)

Delivering samples

  • Give sample tubes unique names
  • Bring to room 1105 Jordan Hall
  • If submitting gel bands, bring the whole gel and a picture showing the bands or spots to be analyzed.
  • If shipping the gel from outside the University of Virginia, we suggest sealing it in a plastic bag. Place the bag between sheets of cardboard for protection. Send samples to:
  • Dr. Nicholas Sherman
    Department of Microbiology, Box 800734,
    University of Virginia Health System,
    Jordan Hall room 1105
    1340 Jefferson Park Avenue
    Charlottesville, VA 22908-0734
    (phone 434.924.0070)