Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Good sample preparation is essential for good data.

Sample types analyzed

  • Gel bands, stained with Coomassie, silver, fluorescent stains. Note that some silver stains are incompatible with mass spectrometry analysis.
  • Proteins in solution
  • Tissue samples
  • Media

For all samples

  • Enter a service request and sample information in iLab.
  • Give sample tubes unique names
  • 1.5 ml microfuge tubes preferred
  • Bring to room 1105 Pinn Hall
  • Samples in tubes can be given to staff
  • If submitting gel bands, bring the whole gel and a picture showing the bands or spots to be analyzed.
  • If shipping samples from outside the University of Virginia, address to:
    Dr. Nicholas Sherman
    Biomolecular Analysis Facility
    University of Virginia
    Pinn Hall room 1105
    1340 Jefferson Park Avenue
    Charlottesville, VA 22903
    (phone 434.924.0070)

MALDI Sample preparation

Samples can be run by staff, or by researchers under the open access scheme. To use the open access scheme, users need to contact Dr. Silva and then arrange training. Users are expected to provide their own sample plate and supplies (sinapinic acid and cyanohydroxycinnamic acid matrices are provided by facility).

The facility is usually open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • 10 pmole/µL or more desired, 5 µL or more desired
  • SDS incompatible
  • Other detergents cause problems but special procedures may get data
  • molecules <600 MW may be obscured by matrix
  • telling us the purpose of the experiment is helpful