Quantitative Analysis

The mass spectrometry laboratory performs quantitation analysis of biomarkers, metabolites,  peptides and small molecules.

We perform these analyses on a TSQ Quantum triple quadrupole mass spectrometer by ThermoScientific. It is especially suitable for quantitation due to its high duty cycle (maximum transmission of ions) and SIM, S/MRM capabilities.

The instrument identifies the molecules of interest using retention time from HPLC, parent ion(s) and product ions that are unique to the molecule of interest. This allows us to measure small quantities of analyte within complex mixtures containing compounds which interfere with other analyses in a reproducible manner.

Substances quantitated here to date:

  • phosphorylated proteins
  • estrogens
  • phytoestrogens
  • collagen breakdown products
  • ethanolamine

For a more detailed explanation of how this technique works, with an emphasis on proteins, see the page on Selective Reactive Monitoring.