Service request in iLab

It is NIH and ORCA policy that researchers initiate service requests in iLab, so that researchers maintain control over their funds. As has been the case before, ORCA sends bills to principal investigators or someone they designate for review before funds are transferred, so that errors can be corrected.

Below are illustrated instructions for entering a service request in iLab. The requester needs to be enrolled in iLab, and have access to a PTAEO(s) chosen by the Principal Investigator. See getting started instructions in iLab.

Log in to iLab (, choose the core and click the Request Services tab.

Find the service area and click the request service button.

request-services p1-label

The next page has a section for a form, which is a way to record information about the samples or  work requested; the actual request for billable services comes later.

Enter your name and lab.

Add row(s) to the table by clicking the green + button green add button next to Add row(s) .

Enter the requested information.

service-request p2-label

To add the service(s) required, which currently the core can do, click the add service link (but not the green button as before) as shown below.

service-request p3-label

Click on the service area you want (but not the arrow) to show the services in that area.

In the list of services, enter a number in the Quantity box, then click the green + button green add button.

service-request p4-labelIn section 3, Payment Information, you need to select the PTAEO(s) for your project.

Then you should see a list of your request which you can submit to the core.

service-request p5On this screen, under cost, the upper number is the projected cost.; the lower number in parentheses is the actual cost to be billed. Usually the two are the same.