Medicine Grand Rounds


Given the issues surrounding COVID-19, the Department of Medicine has decided to suspend Medical Grand Rounds beginning March 20th. The tentative plan is that this suspension will last until the end of April but we will continue to monitor the evolving situation.

There are two primary reasons for this decision: (1) in order to minimize the risk of transmission, it makes good sense to limit large congregations of groups and (2) most academic institutions have instituted some form of travel restrictions which has meant that many speakers we have scheduled are unable to attend.  We are looking at electronic options for streaming meetings and lectures if we have to extend this suspension beyond April.

We apologize for any inconvenience but our first responsibility is your safety.  Please let us know if you have any questions. ~

Mitchell H. Rosner, MD MACP
Chair, Department of Medicine

CME Accreditation Statement
  • The University of Virginia School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.
  • The University of Virginia School of Medicine designates this live activity for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s). Physicians should claim only credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.
  • The University Of Virginia School Of Medicine awards one hour of participation to each non-physician participant who successfully completes this educational activity. The University of Virginia School of Medicine maintains a permanent record of participants who have been awarded hours of participation. CME transcripts may be obtained at CME Village (click on Transcripts and follow the instructions).
  • More information available at Grand Rounds and RSS Overview.
  • Videos of the events in most cases will be available once they have been edited, captioned, and transcribed per ADA compliance guidelines. This usually takes about two weeks. Thank you for your patience.
  • To view videos, click on the link attached to the event. The password to view is: medmovies
Spring 2020
03/06Arno Kumagai, MDUniversity Toronto"Dialogues on the Threshold: Reflection, Dialogue and the Possibilities of Care"Coming SoonComing Soon
03/13Patricia Sime, MDVCU School of Medicine"Fibrotic Lung Disease"Coming SoonComing Soon
03/20Medical Grand Rounds Suspended Until May
12/06 Dr David SalantBoston University“Membranous Nephropathy and aPLA2”View VideoView Transcript
12/13Matthias Kretzler, MDUniversity of MichiganAtuke Lecture - "Molecular Target Indentification for Chronic Kidney Disease"View VideoView Transcript
12/20Ziv Haskal, MDUniversity of Virginia"Vein Vedi Vici: Deforestation of Our Patients Veins by Venous Access"View VideoView Transcript
01/10Deborah Kado, MDUC San Diego"Osteoporosis: a Balanced Perspective on How to Minimize the Risk of Fracture"View VideoView Transcript
01/17Louis Nelson, PhDUniversity of Virginia"Race & Place: UVA Hospital"Coming SoonComing Soon
01/24Alvin "Woody" Moss, MDWest Virginia University"Improving Care of Patients with Serious Illness: Evidence for Use of the Surprise Question"Coming SoonComing Soon
01/31Jamieson Bourque, MD & Randall Moorman, MDUniversity of Virginia"Impact of Real-time Predictive Monitoring in Acute Care Cardiology Trial (IMPACT)"Coming SoonComing Soon
02/07Andrew Parsons, MD & Karen Warburton, MDUniversity of Virginia"Clinical Reasoning: Identifying Deficits and Teaching in Real-Time"Coming SoonComing Soon
02/14Chris Rembold, MDUniversity of Virginia"Update on Hypertension Management"Coming SoonComing Soon
02/21Ildiko Lingvay, MDUT SouthwesternWomen in Medicine LectureComing SoonComing Soon
02/28Dayna Matthew, PhD, JDUniversity of Virginia“Preventive Lawyering: Empirical Evidence that Medical-Legal Partnerships Can Improve Lives in Virginia"Coming SoonComing Soon
10/04Suzanne Koven, MDMassachusetts General Hospital“Book to Bedside: How Literature Can Save Medicine”View VideoView Transcript
10/11Susanna Naggie, MDDuke University“Update on Hepatitis C Treatment and Future Directions of Research”View VideoView Transcript
10/18Steve Powis, MDNational Health Service (NHS) United Kingdom"Improving the Health of a Nation"View VideoView Transcript
10/25Eric Houpt, MDUniversity of Virginia42nd Bowman Lecture - "Mycobacterium Avium Complex lung Disease: More Patients, Multiple Bacteria"View VideoView Transcript
11/01Doug Throckmorton, MDFood and Drug Administration“FDA Role in Drug Development and Regulation”View VideoView Transcript
11/08Mohan Nadkarni, MD, Plews-Ogan, MD, William FoxUniversity of Virginia“This IS Your Lane: The Public Health Response to Gun Violence”View VideoView Transcript
11/15Doug Drossman, MDUniversity of North Carolina“Physician-Patient Communication in Chronic Digestive Health Disease”View VideoView Transcript
11/22Taison Bell, MDUniversity of Virginia“Clinical Pathology Conference - Interview Day"View VideoView Transcript
07/05Craig Portell, MD & Indumathy Varadarajan, MDUniversity of Virginia“CAR-T Cell Therapy”Coming SoonComing Soon
07/12Andrew Parsons, MD &
Joesph Wiencek, PhD
University of Virginia“Medicine in the Era of High Value Care: The Clinical & Laboratory Perspective”Coming SoonComing Soon
07/19Alan Dalkin, MDUniversity of Virginia“Osteoporosis”Coming SoonComing Soon
07/26Nic Intagliata, MDUniversity of Virginia"Coagulopathy of Liver Disease, Including the Role of Viscoelastic Testing & New Insights into Thrombosis Risk & Management"Coming SoonComing Soon
08/02Andrew Mihalek, MD & Aditya Sharma, MDUniversity of Virginia"The UVA Experience of Managing High Risk Pulmonary Emboli"View VideoView Transcript
08/09José Oberholzer, MD & Karen Warburton, MDUniversity of Virginia"Obesity-ESRD-HD-Transplant_Robotic Surgery"Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
08/16Patrick Dillon, MD & Regan Royer, MD, MPHUniversity of Virginia"Updates in Breast Cancer Management for the Internist"Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
08/23Christopher Kramer, MDUniversity of Virginia"Updates/Recent Developments for the Internist to Understand in Imaging Nonischemic Cardiomyopathies"View VideoView Transcript
08/30William Brady, MDUniversity of Virginia"Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation"View VideoView Transcript
09/06Jennifer Roe, PhDUniversity of Virginia"Architecture and Health"Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
09/13*CANCELLED - Will be rescheduled* Dayna Matthew, JD, PhDUniversity of Virginia"UVA's Equity Institute"Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
09/20Gary Ewart, MD &
Drew Harris, MD & Christopher Holstege, MD
University of Virginia“Updates on Vaping - Policy and Health Implications”View VideoView Transcript
09/27David Casarett, MD and Andrew MillerDuke University"Medical Marijuana - What the Data Demonstrates & Next Steps"View VideoView Transcript
04/05Barbara Murphy, MDIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiLiverman Lectureship - "A Genomic Approach to Understanding Kidney Allograft Loss"View VideoView Transcript
04/12Max Luna, MDUniversity of VirginiaLatino Health InitiativeView VideoView Transcript
04/19Jennifer Lai, MD, MBAUniversity of California San Fransico“Defining the Limit of Transplant: Science or an Art?”Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
04/26Louise Man, MDUniversity of Virginia“Case-based Exploration of Acquired Inpatient Coagulopathies”View VideoView Transcript
05/03Gary Wu, MDUniversity of PennsylvaniaRespess Lectureship: "The Gut Microbiome in Precision Medicine"View VideoView Transcript
05/08William O'Neill, MDHenry Ford HospitalGrollman Lecture: "History of Mechanical Reperfusion Therapy for Acute MI"View VideoView Transcript
05/10Emily McGowan, MDUniversity of Virginia"Eosinophilic Esophagitis: From Soup to Nuts"Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
05/172019 Research & Scholars Day Speaker: Dr Steve SassonUniversity of VirginiaScholars Day 2019 – “Opportunities & Challenges Associated with Bringing New Ideas Into Existence”View VideoView Transcript
05/24Chief Grand RoundsUniversity of Virginia"Building the Exemplary Physician"View VideoView Transcript
05/31Marshall Fleurant, MDEmory University“Trauma Informed Care for Black Men”View VideoView Transcript
06/07Aditya Sharma, MD & Brian Annex, MDUniversity of Virginia“Case-based Discussion of PAD”View VideoView Transcript
06/14Andrew Wolf, MDUniversity of Virginia"Is There Anything New In Prostate Cancer Screening?”View VideoView Transcript
06/21Pamela Mason, MDUniversity of Virginia“Case-based Exploration of ICDs/Pacers”Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
06/28B. Cameron Webb, MDUniversity of Virginia​"How to be an effective HC policy advocate as a MD"View VideoView Transcript
01/04Jennifer Kirby, MD, PhDUniversity of Virginia“Obesity Myth Busters: Separating Fact From Fiction”View VideoView Transcript
01/11Drs. Enfield, Bowman & HenryUniversity of Virginia“Management of the ICU Patient with Hepatorenal Syndrome”View VideoView Transcript
01/18E. Franklin Dukes, PhDUniversity of Virginia“Historical Racial Trauma, Truth-Seeking and Community Resilience: A Charlottesville Story”View VideoView Transcript
01/25Taison Bell, MDUniversity of VirginiaBowman Lecture: “Antivirals for “Continuous and Extended Infusion Beta-Lactams”View VideoView Transcript
02/01Michael Keng, MDUniversity of Virginia“Myelodysplastic Syndromes: An Internist’s Approach”View VideoView Transcript
02/08Tim Kyin, MDUniversity of Virginia“PCN Allergy 101”View VideoView Transcript
02/15Jen Kogan, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania“Importance of Direct Observation in Clinical Training”View VideoView Transcript
03/01Amy Mathers, MDUniversity of Virginia“Confronting Antimicrobial Resistance in the Present to Preserve the Past and Protect the Future”View VideoView Transcript
03/08Larry Borish, MDUniversity of Virginia“Update on the Use of Biologics in Asthma”View VideoView Transcript
03/15Adam Carlson, MDUniversity of Virginia“Updates In Osteoarthritis”View VideoView Transcript
03/22Jonathan Hogan, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania“Glomerular Disease in 2019: From Confusion to Clarity”View VideoView Transcript
03/29Aadia Rana, MDUniversity of Alabama School of Medicine“Ending the HIV Epidemic by Every Route”View VideoView Transcript
09/21Heather Ferris, MDUniversity of Virginia“Updates in Diabetes Management”View VideoView Transcript
09/28Eric Davis, MD,Mike Douvas, MD, Jerry Donowitz, MDUniversity of Virginia“Diagnostic Procedures for Pulmonary Infiltrates in the Compromised Host”View VideoView Transcript
10/05Michael Auerbach, MDMedStar Health“Treatment of Iron Deficiency: Who, When, With What”View VideoView Transcript
10/12Frederick Hayden, MDUniversity of VirginiaBowman Lecture: “Antivirals for Pandemic Influenza: Lessons Learned and Future Directions”Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
10/19Heather Borek, MDUniversity of Virginia“Critically Ill Toxicology Patient”View VideoView Transcript
10/26Steven Russell, MD, PhDHarvard Medical School“Automated Management of Glycaemia with a Bionic Pancreas”View VideoView Transcript
11/02Vanessa Shami, MDUniversity of Virginia“Advanced Endoscopic Applications”View VideoView Transcript
11/09Irina Petrache, MDNational Jewish Health“Can the Lung Be Repaired in Emphysema?”View VideoView Transcript
11/16Michael Salerno, MD, PhDUniversity of Virginia“Update on Coronary CTA for the General Medical Internist”Video UnavailableTranscript Unavailable
11/30Alden Doyle, MD; Costi Sifri, MDUniversity of Virginia“Post Transplant Care”View VideoView Transcript
12/07Christopher Polage, MDDuke University“The Search for Better Clostridium Difficlie Testing”View VideoView Transcript
12/14Richard Santen, MDUniversity of Virginia“Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy: Where We Stand Now”View VideoView Transcript