Faculty & Fellows

Faculty and Fellows

The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism has a rich history and tradition of excellence in patient care, education and research and remains one of the finest endocrinology divisions in the country. We currently have 36 faculty members (14 full professors, 9 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, 3 instructors, and 3 NPs) and 7 clinical endocrine fellows. The Division boasts many previous and current leaders in national professional societies including three presidents of the Endocrine Society (Margaret A. Shupnik, Ph.D., Robert M. Carey, M.D., and Richard J. Santen, M.D.) and one president of the American Diabetes Association (Eugene J. Barrett, M.D., Ph.D.). Our faculty members strive to provide the best possible care to patients with a variety of hormonal and metabolic disorders and best training to the next generation of physicians and scientists, and make cutting-edge scientific discoveries in both clinical and basic endocrine research.

Endocrinology & Metabolism Clinical Faculty

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Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Faculty

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Stacey Anderson

Anderson, Stacey M.

Type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemia

Eugene Barrett

Barrett, Eugene J.

Diabetes and Insulin Action

Ananda Basu

Basu, Ananda

My research is focused on developing an artificial pancreas, understanding the mechanism(s) by which diabetes affects heart function, and defining the role of carotid bodies in the regulation of blood glucose in humans with and without diabetes.

Rita Basu

Basu, Rita

Integrated Carbohydrate Physiology and Translation.

Sue Brown

Brown, Sue A.

Osteoporosis and bone metabolism; artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes

Robert Carey

Carey, Robert M.

Hormonal control of blood pressure and kidney function; renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system; dopominergic system; renal and vascular paracrine systems; cell and molecular biology of vascular hormones.

Alan Dalkin

Dalkin, Alan C.

Osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, disorders of calcium and vitamin D metabolism

William Evans

Evans, William S.

Reproductive Endocrinology; Biomathematical Modeling of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian AxisConditions.

Leon Farhi

Farhi, Leon S.

Understanding the mechanisms that regulate glucagon secretion, glucose homeostasis, and growth hormone release. Mathematical modeling of hormone networks. Diabetes, hypoglycemia, artificial pancreas technology.

Heather Ferris

Ferris, Heather

The Role of Diabetes in Cognitive Decline

Daniel Haisenleder

Haisenleder, Daniel J.

Regulation of pituitary gene expression.

Thurl Harris

Harris, Thurl E

Molecular mechanisms controlling insulin signaling and fat synthesis.

Susanna Keller

Keller, Susanna R.

Insulin signaling, insulin-regulated membrane trafficking and associated changes in cellular function and whole body physiology

Zhenqi Liu

Liu, Zhenqi

Insulin action, energy metabolism and diabetes complications

Steven Malin

Malin, Steven Kenneth

Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

John Marshall

Marshall, John C.

Mechanisms of GnRH Regulation of Gonadotropin and Steriod Synthesis; the Etiology of PCOS in Adolescence

Christopher McCartney

McCartney, Christopher R.

Reproductive neuroendocrinology and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Shetal Padia

Padia, Shetal H.

Hypertension, obesity, ghrelin and the renin-angiotensin system

Richard Santen

Santen, Richard J.

Expression of Aromatase and Role of Estrogen in Breast Cancer

Margaret Shupnik

Shupnik, Margaret A.

Hypothalamic Peptide and Steroid Regulation of Pituitary Gene Transcription; Estrogen Action in Neuroendocrine and Reproductive Tissues; Estrogen Action in Breast Cancer

Helmy Siragy

Siragy, Helmy M.

Endocrine hypertension, angiotensin receptors, renal paracrine hormones

Mary Vance

Vance, Mary L.

Growth hormone regulation, pituitary disorders